Return To Peace

Music to reconnect with the world, with your inner universe and finally find some peace. It was created especially for all Ukrainians, so that they could calm their minds and have a deep, fulfilling time of relaxation, after all these months of war. Your body and mind will immerse in these waves of joyful sounds, helping you to dissolve in warm calmness.

Dmitriy, a founder of the Ukrainian rock band Sinoptik, like many other Ukrainians was caught up in the war which started in his native country. From the very first days of this nightmare he was helping internal refugees and orphans, who became the most vulnerable victims. And the new music project was born in between everyday humanitarian deliveries and endless fundraisers. Creating a completely different music piece with the strumstick became a natural continuation of Dima’s charity work. This track is a helping tool, for all the people who might experience any kind of stress or anxiety at the moment.

A bridge to reach a dzen state of mind when you need it the most.

Artwork by MOLLY ROUTE