Live From Shelter

Magic can be always found in the most amazing places and even during the most difficult times.

Recently a missile hit the territory of our studio. And we are really lucky because we made it just in time and we are still alive. 

In the intervals between volunteering, we found the strength and the chance to do what we love and keep the fire of rock’n’roll. In order not to go crazy and not to lose our hearts, we got the idea to hide in the basement of one of Kyiv’s industrial buildings not far from the studio. There we recorded this video to support all Ukrainians suffering from this terrible war.

We only had 1.5 hours to prepare and record. Immediately after the air raid alert stopped, we turned on the lights and guitar amps, and filmed the video in one take on a mobile phone. We didn’t have the time or space to polish and mix the material, so we had to literally do it all “on the back of a napkin”.

Everything is damp, on torn ligaments and without embellishment. The three most important tracks that carry the message of mutual aid, peace and love.

We know that many have already spoken about this, but most have not heard. Therefore, we return now and we will speak again. Only together we can stop the war. In the name of love.

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