We are Sinoptik Family Charity, a non-profit organization which was initiated by the Sinoptik band from Ukraine. Our main aim is to help orphans, refugees, and children from Ukraine.

We started raising funds and accepting donations from the first days of the war in Ukraine, and since March 2022 we have been able to help more than 500 families across Ukraine. We also help children with special needs in orphanages in Korostyshev, Zaporizhzha, Lviv and Poltava.


Aid Delivery – Delivery of food packages, clothes, medicine to refugee families and orphans. 

Music Classes – Aim of this project is to provide availability of music classes in native language for Ukrainian refugee children and to provide work for Ukrainian music teachers. (Learn more…)

Table Hockey Classes – Project aim is to provide social adaptation and psychological support for Ukrainian refugee children through table hockey classes and competitions.

Ongoing Sinoptik Band Charity Tour – In this project we regularly organize charity concerts across Europe to raise funds in support of refugee families and orphans.

Past projects

I hear, I live – In this project we raised funds for hearing diagnostic equipment for newborns in Ukraine. The project was executed together with the charity fund Svichado and the Ukrainian Birja Blagodiynosti.

Ongoing work with Orphanages – We have been working together with various Ukrainian orphanages and special boarding schools, organizing financial and psychological support for orphans. 

Inclusive camp “E Kontakt” – Summer inclusive camp for children with special needs with therapeutic activities (psychological sessions, music and art lessons, sports events, English lessons, stress relief yoga, and team games).

All our projects provide psychological and mental support through art, music lessons, therapy sessions, music events, and community gatherings. We focus on therapies, which help children and youth to cope with difficult situations in everyday life, thus helping them to adjust to stress and crisis, and increase their resilience. Through all these events, children and young adults learn new skills, find friends, acquire communication skills, and get relief from stress and anxiety.

You can send donations directly to our NGO to sponsor our projects.

For collaborations and partnerships get in touch through or phone +351922270885 / +380951850123

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